April Fools!

Okay, so we might have celebrated April Fools Day a little early… We Just Couldn’t Help Ourselves! No, Ellsworth won’t be getting a high tech Monorail Transit System based off of The H-Bahn (“Hängebahn”, or “hanging railway”) from Düsseldorf, Germany. Read The Article Here…

Some of our Followers Laughed Out Loud! 😂 & Others Got Really Mad 😞

“With all that is going on in the world a little laughter is needed” 

Let’s Look At The Stats!

This was all in good fun, but it did something amazing! With all the communities support in sharing and liking it helped our website became pretty popular! Visitors explored our website and got to see everything Ellsworth has to offer and all the hard working small businesses that help make our town so beautiful!

  • Our Online Community Grew! 150+ New Followers! 
  • Our Website Had a Few Visitors! Over 3,500 And Counting!  
  • Facebook Shares: 180 & Counting!
  • Facebook Views: 14,000 & Counting! 
  • Seen All Over The World! USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, Poland, Chile, Morocco, Spain, Peru, Guam, Germany, France, Ireland, Japan!

Here Are Some Happy Puppies To Make You Smile Even More!