Let’s Make Ellsworth A Destination.

My favorite part of any town or city is the area by the water. City waterfronts are usually filled with parks, shops, restaurants, and entertainment… What about Ellsworth?  We do have some waterfront access but mostly it’s a mix of a construction company, garages, empty buildings and parking lots… If you want to enjoy our waterfront you’d need to leave the downtown shopping area and drive or walk to the boat launch. Ellsworth’s boat launch and intern Harbor Park isn’t much further from the Downtown shopping district than in other cities however it offers few businesses, views of the river, or even street furniture or street trees. It is not an enjoyable walk and pedestrians take second class to motor vehicles, and the busy traffic leaves little to no room for cyclists.

This Is What Our Waterfront Looks Like Now…

Now Imagine This!

These are some sketches the City of Ellsworth had created back in the early 2000s.

Now That Is A Waterfront I’d Be At Every day!

Having our downtown right next to the Union River is an incredible opportunity! We could use this to make our little city a much larger stopping place for locals and visitors. Cities all over the country have been focusing on revitalizations like this and I think it’s our turn.


What are your thoughts?

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