About Friend & Friend

Peter and Cooper F. Friend

Founder and President

Friend & Friend, Inc has been in business since 1916 when Peter’s Great-Grandfather started selling Ford automobiles.  Peter Friend, the founder of Friend & Friend Honda, started selling motorcycles in 1964. Located in Newport, Maine, Peter took on the Honda franchise after reading a dealer inquiry ad in Sports Illustrated.

Peter’s son Cooper worked in his Dad’s Honda shop in Newport, Maine and took over as president of the company in 1976 and moved the business to Ellsworth, ME. Taking on Yamaha in 1979, the company began to grow. Kawasaki was added in 1990, followed by Suzuki and Polaris in 1991. In 1999 we opened a second store on Stillwater Avenue in Orono, Maine, with the Suzuki line, and added KTM in 2003.

A lot has happened over the years and we have seen a lot come and go. One thing that hasn’t changed is our passion for the sport. We ride, race, and own what we sell. Being enthusiasts, we love being involved in this business and we hope it shows. We’re still shifting gears after all these years!

Our philosophy has always been to treat customers with utmost respect…just like we ourselves, would like to be treated because repeat business is the cornerstone of success.

Phone: 207.667.4688
Web: http://www.friendandfriendellsworth.com/