Ellsworth To Be Home To New Englands First Monorail System.

The city of Ellsworth received an application to construct a monorail system within the city on March 29. The application is to construct phase one of a three-phase plan to create a monorail network connecting Ellsworth to Boston with a stop in Portland. The application cited multiple reasons for Ellsworth to be the location of phase 1 including Ellsworth being the fastest growing Maine city, The opening of the new Jackson lab facility on Kingsland Crossing, and to alleviate traffic problems within Ellsworth’s urban core.

The system which will have both a north and south rail is roughly based off of The H-Bahn (“Hängebahn”, or “hanging railway”) in Dortmund and Düsseldorf, Germany the cars that will be connecting these three new England cities will be driverless and will be control from a central location to be determined. Phase 1 of the project will begin in Ellsworth connecting the downtown portion of the city to the new JAX’S facility, that will roughly follow high Street to Kingsland Crossing Phase 2 of the project will be connecting Ellsworth to Portland and phase 3 will be connecting Portland to Boston.

The application which goes into detail about how the system will work reads “The carrier is a hollow rectangular box girder with a slit in the bottom through which the cabin is suspended at the running gear, whose two axles carry the load with a rubber wheel on both sides providing both suspension and propulsion. Two wheels run horizontally along the top and bottom of the interior side walls of the carrier box, providing horizontal guidance. 400-volt three-phase current is taken from four conductors at the side wall. Above those, a cable provides a continuous wireless data connection between the train and the control center.”

Recently there are proposals to build lines in Shanghai and Wenzhou. A number of other Chinese cities are also studying the system. This will be the first of its kind in US

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  • Westword 70

    It will change the Ellsworth skyline forever, but its a worthy project.

  • CardArtFTH

    Yeah right … A great April Fool’s Day to you too.

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